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Joy Live For Pc. The Android-x86 project started off as an individual hobbyist effort, collecting patch sets against the upstream Android source that would allow developers to build the OS for specific hardware devices. Thus, the project eventually grew into its current form, hosting Git repositories, producing ISO installers, and offering an email and IRC support community. Intel has recently announced plans to bring Atom-based phones to the market in the latter half of 2012, which could boost interest in Android-x86 considerably, but for the moment the primary development targets are tablets and netbook-class portables. The project makes an effort to support as many hardware features as possible on the target platforms, including suspend/resume buttons, battery status, touch screens, cameras, Bluetooth, GPS, and accelerometers. For one thing, the project has added a software mouse cursor, and I had no trouble with my keyboard, but the unlock screen requires a swipe maneuver that is tricky to pull off on a touch pad. From the software side, Android-x86 does not yet have support for Android's native multitouch layer, although it is listed under "what we are working on now," and there is an effort by project maintainer Chih-Wei Huang to port the GStreamer multimedia framework to the OS.

In addition to reducing duplication of effort and simplifying QA, he said, unifying the main tree would allow the project to produce a "base image" with each release that could be further customized by adding commercial or binary add-ons (such as the Google app suite) via an overlay filesystem like UnionFS or AuFS. Evidently plenty of people do find it useful; the project blog even noted back in April 2011 that was using Android-x86 as the guest OS on EC2 in order to provide its application "test drive" service.

Muhammad Chaidir Ali on LinkedIn: Terbaik memang

Joy Live For Pc. Muhammad Chaidir Ali on LinkedIn: Terbaik memang

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Beli Lou's Revenge

Joy Live For Pc. Beli Lou's Revenge

Lou's Revenge is the first satirical action-RPG in which you can play Lou, Satan’s son! Nothing special... Brawls, endless joy and reckless shooting — the usual routine.

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Choose the right side of evil and rescue your "princess" — the most badass dare-deviless Hell has ever seen.